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Getting a garment customised by Freak Boutique London.

 You might already have a jacket, skirt, bag, a pair of trousers or even shoes that you were thinking of getting customized. Fabulous! If you are London based or come to London on occasion, drop me an email and we can meet up for a coffee and discuss ideas in person.

If you are out of London or abroad, not to worry! We can discuss ideas and designs via email and can post garments between the two of us.

 If you want a completely new garment customized, I can take your measurements and preference of fit and shape ( if it's a jacket - over sized, cropped, biker, shoulder pads etc) and can source you one that will fit and suit your needs/the design in question. 

You might have something in mind already, you might have seen an existing Freak Boutique London design that you would like, or you might have no clue at all! All are perfectly fine and equally as exciting. I am able to recreate designs but also create designs completely from scratch to suit the client. 

If you see a Freak Boutique London design that you like that isn't available on the online store please email me as I can repaint designs and alter them to fit your tastes! However I cannot repaint custom orders as they are completely unique to each client. 

Email Alice at

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